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Elevator Backup Systems

We are manufacturing for our clients, a qualitative range of Priority Lifton elevator backup systems which is environment friendly and highly reliable. These systems work without any noise and are durable. Batteries can last for 3 to 5 years if maintained periodically.
Elevator Backup Systems
We are offering our clients with Priority Lifton series which are used in banking, IT, hospitals, educational institutions & various other business set-ups.

Salient Features Environment Friendly:
Unlike Diesel Generator, Lifton does not emit smoke, neither it make hoise. So they are absolutely pollution free & environment friendly.

Highly Reliable:
Use of selected good quality components, use of proven technologies & following highest stards of Engineering practice ensures very high reliability of the product.

Very Flexible:
The products in Lifton family are extremely flexible & are available in tailor made configurations & multiple architecture to suit every individual installation requirements.

Easily adaptable: Lifton can support single or more number of Lifts. It is compliant to user specific Programmable logic of operation. In addition, it supports lamps & bulbs to illuminate the area around lift. Therefore, it is adaptable to various operations.

Swift Service:
Urgency in dealing with maintenance calls

Type Cost
Extra Cost
Static electronics device.
Is more economical than Generator.
No additional circuitry, acoustic covering (canopy) ft hidden costs.
Electro-mechanical device.
Is costlier than ELOS.
Requires AMF panels, acoustic covering etc.
No load Condition
Utility of battery power is only during operation of the LOAD.
Generator is required to be kept ON in NO LOAD condition also, hence unnecessary usage of fuel Very noisy.
Noise Changeover Time Recurring Cost
Absolutely noise less. Auto changeover within few milliseconds. Negligible if maintained properly.
Has to start manually. Fuel (diesel )& maintenance cost is more because of wear & tear due to internal rotary mechanical parts.
Life of the equipment is more than Generator. Batteries can last for 3 to 5 years if maintained periodically
Lesser than Lifton. If extended, the expense of alternator & other spares replacement is considerable.
Absolutely pollution free 6 environmental Friendly.
Emits smoke, fumes & noise
Priority lifton series: 6KVA/ 180, 8 KVA/ 180 VDC, 10 KVA/ 180 VDC, 15 KVA/ 240 VDC, 20 KVA/ 240 VDC, 25 KVA/ 24OVDC, 30 KVA/ 240 VDC, 80 KVA/ 360 VDC, 100 KVA/ 360 VDC
Technical specifications :

• Model: MPS 8000
• Rating: 8 KVA
• AC INPUT: 415V + 15% -20%
• Three Phase Input Frequency: 50Hz ± 6%
• Charging Time: 12 Hours for 90% of full Capacity
• Charger Type: CVCC Internal Controlled Rectifier type
• INVERTER: Technology IGBT Double Conversion
• Output Voltage: 400 / 415V AC
• PWM Sine wave
• Harmonic Distortion: Less than 3% on Linear Load
• Inverter Efficiency > 90%
• Overload: 105% Continuous, 300% for 60 sec
• Crest Factor: 4:1
• Phase Displacement: 1200 ± 10
• Audible Noise: Less than 45 dB at 1 Meter
• GENERAL: Dimensions (LxWxH)mm 740x 350 x 800
• Operating temperature: 00C to 500C
• Humidity: Max 95%
• Non-condensing protection : Output Overload & Short circuit, Output Under & Overvoltage, DC Under & Overvoltage Input Under & Overvoltage, Single Elevator Backup Systems

Indications & Alarms
• Mains on Indication
• Inverter on Indication
• DC Low Indication & Alarm
• Output Overload Indication & Alarm
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